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Starting a Summer Day Camp | How to Run a Summer Camp Finally, an experienced and successful summer camp owner reveals... "How to Start and Run A Wildly Successful and Profitable Kids Summer Day Camp!" Even if you've never run a summer day camp before... This report will show you exactly how you can go from zero kids to having a packed and profitable martial arts, dance, gymnastics, cheer, soccer, swim, or other activity-based camp - in just a few months! Testimonial: "Hi my name is Kevin Doerksen from Personal Best Martial Arts in Canada. The info is all really GREAT!! We are doing our First Camp this yr!" Have you ever wondered how some martial arts, gymnastics, dance, cheer, and other kids programs are able to charge 3-6 times their normal tuition per child by running summer day camps ? Or, did you think to yourself: "That's just for the big programs... we could never run a successful kid's summer camp!" Well, I have news for you... YOU CAN RUN A SUCCESSFUL SUMMER CAMP - If you have the right plan to make it happen! And that's exactly what you'll get in this course and manual... Written in an easy-to-follow, Q&A format, it'll answer all your questions about starting a summer camp business and show you exactly how to start your own profitable summer camp . Testimonial: "Just invested into the Summer Camp Manual...looks good... will give it good read this evening. Thanks Mike!" - Don O'Neal, USA Family Karate The manual explains everything you need to know to start and run a profitable and successful summer camp , including: Find out what age groups you should limit your camp to, and why ... Allowing kids to attend that are in the wrong age group could spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R for your camp - find out how to avoid this pitfall and save your camp! Discover how long your camps should be... Should you run all summer, half summer, half day, full day, split schedule, or straight through? Don't know? Get the manual, and you'll find out what schedule worked the best for me for the past 8 years! How to schedule and plan your days to avoid losing kids to boredom... Boredom and monotony are "camp-killers" - you may be good at running an hour-long class, but do you know how to keep your camp moving all day long? I do, and I'll explain how you can too in this manual! Testimonial: "If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that sometimes I'll mention other sites and recommend other products, but only when I truly believe they contain real value and can help you. Well, recently I read Mike Massie's 'Starting a Summer Day Camp', and I've got to tell you that he's done it again . This simple and concise package covers everything you need to know about filling your school over the scarce summer months with enthusiastic karate kids." - Jason Stanley, blog ( Click Here to read the full review ) Click Now: Get Started Here Discover how many kids you can comfortably enroll in your camps... I'll give you a hint - it's NOT determined by how much money you want to make! I've made the mistake of taking too many kids, and it made my summer camp a living nightmare... Find out how to easily determine your enrollment limits so your camps run smoothly , all summer long - The top 10 ways to market your camp so you are "at capacity" and in profit! These are the exact same mthods I used to fill my camps every year! The top 3 "cons" to running a summer day camp that none of the "camp gurus" tell you about - and how to avoid them! Testimonial: "Dear Mike, Thank you for the manual! It has tons of information crystallized into one document. Thank you!" - Leon Koh And, you'll also discover solutions to the following "summer camp snafus" : How to handle enrollments so your parents are happy and your competitors don't steal your systems! What to charge so you make the maximum profit and still fill your camp... How to handle staffing, and where to recruit them... Tips on transportation, and whether you need it or not... How to avoid being classified as a daycare... This is a huge pitfall for a lot of kids karate camps - too many gurus have been telling martial arts schools to offer services that make them look like daycares. Well, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck, then the child care regulators will likely call it a duck! Find out how to avoid being called a "duck"... 15 fantastic ideas for field trips and additional activities (perfect for breaking up your all-day-long camps)... Plus, this package also includes these additional bonus items: BONUSES INCLUDED WITH YOUR ORDER: Bonus #1: Marketing Materials! You'll get all my ad, brochure, and marketing templates, which will make your job of filling your camp a whole heck of a lot easier... A $49.00 value! Bonus #2: Registration and Attendance Forms! I'm also including all the necessary forms you'll need, including registration packets, attendance tracking, sign-in/sign-out sheets, and release forms - they cost me a bundle to get a lawyer to write them up, but trust me, you need these forms... a $200.00 value! Bonus #3: My Martial Arts Drills and Games Guide ! This manual sells for $17.00 on another site , but I'm including it free - plus, I'm also including some extra bonus drills and games for customers who teach others skills and sports! Bonus #4: Exclusive Audio Recording! This is a 57-minute recording of an exclusive teleconference we held for our early bird customers. In it, I discuss the entire summer camp profit system, as well as covering some important issues that are not included in the manual! A $47 value - yours FREE when you order! That's over $300.00 worth of special bonuses you'll receive along with your order! This Can Be You in the Next Few Minutes I'm certain that after reading the manual and reviewing the bonuses, you'll KNOW EXACTLY how to launch and run your own successful kids summer day camp! Testimonial: " I love your material and plan on getting SDBP in the next week or so. I plan on opening my academy on or before September of this year, so all your information is amazing to work with and is working out great." - Jason Froehlich, Martial Arts University This is the type of information that allows you to wield real earning power in your business... and to enter a new market selling a service that is "evergreen" - even during times of recession! Speaking of which, I want you to know there are similar manuals and systems being sold elsewhere for anywhere from $500 to $800! No kidding! The folks who are selling this sort of information are charging a HUGE premium for sharing this info... I was told by my peers in the industry that I should price this package similarly... in the range or $299.00 to $599.00. But I told them, "Hey, it's the middle of a recession - my customers don't need to have the screws put to them... instead, what they need is a break, and a chance to take this information and use it so they can not just survive, but thrive over the coming months and years!" They looked at me like I was crazy, but I'm still sticking to my guns... So, here's the deal - I'm not pricing this package at $599, $499, $399,or even $299! Instead, I'm selling this entire package for the ridiculously low price of just... Price: $197.00 Special sales price... just $77.00! Instantly downloadable in .PDF and .zip format (But hey... I might come to my senses and decide to raise the price up to a respectable $200 or more at any time - so for gosh sakes, don't wait to get your hands on this information... order it today!) Order Now - Instant Download! This version is available for all customers, both in the U.S. and Internationally. Yes Mike! I want "How to Start and Run a Wildly Successful and Profitable Kids Summer Day Camp" instantly downloaded to my computer in .pdf e-book, mp3, and .zip format , so I can learn how you went from having ZERO kids enrolled to having a packed and profitable summer day camp in just under 3 months! ... I understand I'll also receive over $300.00 worth of special bonuses , just for ordering on this site. I authorize .com (the site we sell the manual through online) and MD Marketing LLC to charge my credit card for a one-time payment in the amount of just $197 $77 . ... Click the button below to... (*Please note: Your billing statement will show a charge from Clk* Sincerely, Mike Massie P.S. - I'm raising the price of this package soon. It's been priced at $77 since I released it in 2009, and it's easily worth twice that. Get it while you can at this price. P.S.S. - We cleared $22,000 in 8 weeks during our first summer camp. I can't guarantee you'll do as well, but what if you did just half that? And, that was 15 years ago, so we were charging way less than what you can today. Get this system now and change your financial future this summer, for good! Home - - Contact - Copyright - Earnings - Privacy - Terms & Conditions - Disclaimer Michael Massie,, PO Box 270132, Austin, TX 78727

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